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You know your pet better than anyone. But DNA can show you so much more. 

See how Wisdom can help you get to know your whole pet, and let you pet parent in an entirely new way too. 

The breakthrough tech your pet deserves.

Did you know that, genetically speaking, a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are 99% identical? Or that—due to the unpredictable nature of trait inheritance—a domestic shorthair cat could turn out looking totally pedigreed? So, how do we detect the difference? Our scientists have spent more than a decade developing a custom genotyping chip and an industry-leading breed detection system. All to make sure we get the most precise picture of your pet’s breed mix. Because they deserve the best.

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With 40x greater genetic resolution, our dog breed detection system allows us to identify slight differences between even the most closely related breeds.

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To provide the most reliable results, we compare your pet's genome against the world's largest breed reference database (27,000+ samples from over 50 countries).

The biggest database for the best breed detection.

We have no business selling you DNA tests if we’re not going to be the best, most helpful option out there. So when we do test your pet’s DNA, we go deep. And we compare your pet’s sample to the world’s largest reference database for both dogs and cats. Our database lets us test your pet’s genetic code against millions of possible breed combinations and screen for over 365 dog and over 70 cat breeds and populations. With the world’s largest breed database, we’re able to give you the most accurate results. And as we continue to add data as a community, we can make more and more discoveries to help all petkind.   

Science that’s only getting smarter.

You’ve seen us say it: we screen for more breeds than leading competitors and with more accuracy than any other pet DNA service. But, for us, that’s table stakes. We’re always working to improve the way we help care for your pets.  Right now, our detection system is 1,140x more efficient than the industry standard. We process tens of thousands of samples in minutes. (Which we think is pretty cool.) And this process is fully scalable—meaning our tests will only get faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive. So there’s no limit to how many pets we can help or how many ways we can help them.

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After 20+ years of research and development, we've made technical advancements that improve our accuracy and speed while minimizing costs for you.

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Our rigorous quality control standards are comparable to those that human genetics testing companies use.

Not your average lab.

You’ve probably heard of human-grade pet food or dog shampoo. But what we’ve got is a human-grade lab. (CLIA-certified in fact.) So, we’re not messing around with your dog’s genetic sample. We’re using the best-quality equipment available. We work with Neogen Genomics. They’re genetic pros with more pet DNA experience than any other lab, receiving more than 1.5 million samples every year. (And, in case you’re into acronyms, along with being CLIA-certified, our US lab is AAHA-compliant, ISO 17025-certified, and accredited by both A2LA and the USDA.)   

Want to dig into the details?

Meet our experts—including scientists who contributed to the dog and cat genome projects.

Jason Huff, PhD

Jason Huff, PhD

Senior Scientist, Computational Biology

Oliver Forman, PhD

Oliver Forman, PhD

Genetic Research Director

Jonas Donner, PhD

Jonas Donner, PhD

Senior Scientist, Canine Genetics

 Heidi Anderson, PhD

Heidi Anderson, PhD

Senior Scientist, Feline Genetics

Casey Knox, DVM and her dog Nibs

Casey Knox, DVM

Veterinary Health Manager

Scientific publications

We’re proud to be part of the largest pet care company in the world. See the research that’s helping us improve life for all petkind.

Find the best DNA test for your pet.

When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet, there’s always more to know. So we have four different tests to help you discover the answers you need to understand your pet— whether you’re excited to learn more about their breed mix or you want to go full crazy pet parents and run hundreds of tests to know all the details. (Yes, we’re the latter.)

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