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Wisdom Panel Premium dog DNA test
Reviewed: Our favorite dog DNA test for National Pet Day

"A dog DNA test can not only be a fun way to learn more about your four-legged friend's breed, some can even give you some insight into potential genetic health predispositions your pooch might have. Such is the case with our favorite dog DNA kit, the Wisdom Panel Premium, which will compare your pet to 350 breeds to find a match and screen for 200 genetic health conditions. What's more, it can tell you if your mutt has any MDR1 sensitivities, which can affect how they might react to certain medications."

USA Today

Black and white dog looking at camera
The Best Dog DNA Testing Kits for 2021

"Best for Health and Breed Testing: Wisdom Panel features almost everything offered by the more expensive dog DNA testing competition, but with easier-to-understand results."


Small white puppy getting DNA swabbed from mouth
We Tried It: What I Learned About My Rescue Puppy Through a Dog DNA Screening

"Wisdom Panel offers hassle-free and comprehensive dog DNA testing for pet owners seeking more background on their puppies."


Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test
41 gifts for pets and the people who love them

"The lure of finding out your dog’s breed background, especially if you have a rescue with a murky lineage, is pretty irresistible. The latest DNA test from Wisdom Panel is more accurate than ever, thanks to updated technology. They can break down breed information down to 1%. The process is easy — totally painless for pups — and many reviewers said results came back quicker than expected."

CNN Underscored

Screenshot of dog breed test results
67 gift ideas for the person who loves dogs more than humans

"Love your rescue dog? Learn more about any breed’s ancestry and their susceptibility to certain health conditions by swiping the inside of your pooch’s cheek — you’ll have a report back in two to three weeks."

Yahoo! News

Black poodle laying on a blue bed
I tried Wisdom Panel's dog DNA test with my miniature poodle, and the results gave me peace of mind

"The test not only tells you your dog's breed or breed mix, but it also offers deeper insights into your dog's health and genetics..."


Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test
70 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Would Love to Have

"Did the family adopt a coronavirus rescue pup? With a quick swab of pup’s cheek, dad will find out his new best friend’s mix, down to 1 percent. The test identifies more than 350 breeds and trace’s your dog’s ancestry back to its great-grandparents."

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Woman sitting on a mountain top with her Husky pup
15 Tech Gadgets Every Pet Owner Needs

"If you were curious enough to buy one of those cool at-home DNA kits for humans, we’re positive you’re going to want to check out Wisdom Panel, the canine version..."

Reader's Digest

Yellow lab from the side looking intently at something
Dog DNA kits exist and they can help pinpoint what breeds your pup really is

"With thousands of near perfect reviews on Amazon, it's no surprise this kit is growing in popularity..."

CNN Underscored

Brindle patterned dog laying down and panting
Deal Alert! The Dog DNA Test with Thousands of Rave Reviews is on sale for Prime Day

"Thousands of Amazon customers have also been surprised to find out their dog’s genetic makeup was completely different from what they guessed..."

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